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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Darth Vader vid from YouTube

This has to be one of the best fan films I have ever seen. Just thinking about the time it took to research, assemble, edit and compile this film warrants many kudos. And it funny as hell!!!

Clips from Star Wars showing Vader and voice enitrely Jame Earl Jones (I know, I know....duh!!!) But watch the's good.

The Gamer Life: Married with Games

Game obsessed boy meets not so game obsessed girl. Boy and girl get into relationship. Boy brings gaming into relationship. Girl leaves boy.

This is a typical scenario you hear about when a gamer gets out of a relationship because the other person didn't "understand". This isn't the norm, but it does happen on a frequent occasion. Of course, this mostly happens to people who are just dating, but I have heard of a couple of marriages that have crumbled under the weight of someone's gaming habit. Does it have to be? That is hard to say. It involves the gamer's own addictions and priorities. What is more important to the gamer: the games or the person he is in a relationship with.

An interesting article from Destructoid offers a look into some issues and ways to compromise. However, I think the problem and solution isn't neccassarily so cut and dry. Yes, feeding your gaming habit while trying to be in a relationship with a non-gamer can cause problems. Especially if that other person has no interest in games at all. However, relationships (especially marriage) require more effort to maintain than staying number 1 one the leader boards.

Being in a relationship doesn't mean you have to quit playing video games. It just means that your game time will have to be set on a lower priority than everything else. You have to remeber that the person you are in a relationship with isn't with you because of your K/D ratio or "l33t skillz", they are with you because of the "real" you. You have to return that feeling outside of playing games.

One thing that can be taken in consideration is that the more you give yourself and your time to your significant other will ultimately lead to more time with you and your computer (or console, handheld, mind jack...whatever). Marriage and gaming can co-exist, but it is a careful balance. One suggestion is the article is to introduce gaming to your partner. I mostly agree with this. Show them you want to share something that brings you happiness so you can both shoot each other and enjoy each other while your doing it (WARNING: Massive smack talk from you during this may lead to other "complications".) However, if your significant other is in no way, shape or form intersted in being a "gamer", then don't force it on them. Back away. Slowly. Ask them why? If there is absolutely no interest and no chance that there will ever be any interest, then you have to adjust your ways if you want to stay in the relationship. People first, games second. Even I believe that one.

Just remember, if you spend more time trying to solo a Krayt Dragon, you might find yourself soloing everything in "real" life.