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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Idle Hands Are the Tools of the Devil

Well, it has been since October since I have written anything in this blog. I have no excuse. Sorry. With that being said, I do however, want to correct some assertions I made in my prior (last) post from October. In that post I said that there were three types of players; casual, hard-core and power-gamers. And I said that developers tend to develop games to target those play types. Well, that was a bunch of uneducated ignorance (redundant term I know) on my part. You see, I just finished my first term of college last month. I am in the Game Art and Design program and took a class last term called Game Development Essentials (Jeanne Novack, 2005). In that class I learned a lot about the development of video games and the behind the scenes goings on. Come to find out, there is a lot that goes on (a lot more than I thought). Also, while player motivations and desires do play a part in the over-all scheme of things, games are not developed mainly how much time a player might have (which I knew, but I thought it would have a larger impact in the development of the game).

So, my last post was mainly inaccurate. I do, however, believe that there are three "mentalities" of players. Those would be casual, hard-core and power-gamer. I do plan on discussing those types of players, just without trying to connect them to the developing and marketing of the games. It is amazing what you learn when you go to school. They say knowledge is power, but it also helps to prevent you from looking like a idiot *cough* Ted Stevens *cough*. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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  • At 9:28 AM , Blogger JP Sherman said...

    Interesting correction... I'd like to see more of your thoughts of how behavior affects design affecting behavior.

    Nice post... look foward to you writing more.


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